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Family Photo Album

This page is dedicated to our extended Ragdoll Families.  
Here they can share their experience with their new
family members.

Please Maximize your screen for best presentation.

The Story of Fudge and Boots
By: Roger and Sarah
(Proud new parents)

Life was great for my brother Boots before I came along,
nothing to do all day but eat, sleep and play with toys.
(See life before Fudge)
But when I showed up things started to get a little more
lively. Though you wouldn't know it from the pictures.
Still at least Boots now had someone to watch out for him.
(See I've got  big brothers back)
It wasn't all fun and games though!  It was decided by
almost unanimous decision (I strenuously objected) That
I should work for my keep!! (can you imagine it??)
whilst Boots got to sleep!
(see Snoozing)
So began my day, I'd be up at the crack of dawn
answering my calls.
(See checking my voicemail)
I was working hard and  I'd find Boots relaxing...
(See is it tea time yet)
I'd then go online to sort out my emails...
(See answering my emails)
And Boots would be playing on his playstation!
(See beating my all time record)
Then I'd be forced to excercise
(See who needs jogging!)
Whilst Boots got to laze around listening to music.
(see going postal)
Finally I put my paws down and demanded I get to
play too, and luckily everyone agreed I'd done enough
work for  that day!  So I eventually got my "me time"
and here's me enjoying it!
(see me time, finally nap time, posing).

Now days begin, pass and end with my family just
having fun.
(see what do you think so far?)
                              Life before Fudge                  I've got big brothers back
                                              Snoozing                                Checking my voice mail
                                   " Is it tea time yet?"                          Answering my email
                           Beating my all time record                 Who needs jogging!
                                     Going Postal                             Me time
                          What do you think so far?

                         That ends my album, I hope you enjoyed it.

We want to thank Fudge, Boots, Roger and Sarah  for
sharing their story with us. We hope you enjoyed it
as much as we did.
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