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Dry Food
We use and recommend Innova kitten food, it is a premium cat food and is high in nutrition.  We keep a constant supply of dry food and water out at all times for our cats.

Canned Food
It is not necessary for good health to feed canned food, however they do love it.  We use Innova.

Supplements are not necessary if you are feeding your new kitten a premium, high-guality, 100% complete and balanced cat food such as Innova.  In fact adding vitamins and mineral is likely to be more harmful than beneficial.

There are many good commercial cat treats on the market, treats are great, but remember moderation is the key, your kitty can quickly put on weight if you give too many treats.

Feeding Don'ts
Never feed the following people foods to your cat:
   Chocolate-Contains theobromine, which is toxic to animals; causes increased heart and respiration rates, vomiting, diarrhea and depression.
   Onion powder- Contains oxidizing agents that can damage feline red blood cells and cause anemia.
   Cow's Milk-Cats lack the enzyme needed to break down lactose (mild sugars); this may cause digestive problems, including diarrhea.
   Raw eggs-Contain a protein that blocks the bodies' use of one the B vitamins; may cause dermatitis, hair loss and neurologic dysfunction.
   Tuna-Low in calcium and too high in phosphorous; may cause a vitamin E deficiency or yellow-fat disease and my increase susceptibility to rubber jaw, jaw, a form of osteoporosis.

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