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 Veterinary Care
There is no substitute for excellent Veterinary care.  Take your time and find a good Vet, don't wait until an emergency arises to entrust your pets care to a Vet.  You should probably familiarize yourself with local emergency hospitals as well, in case of an after hour emergency.

Choosing a Veterinarian is really selecting a partner in your cat's health care.  Scheduled vaccinations and yearly examinations mean that you'll see your Veterinarian on a regular basis, so choose wisely.  Use this list as a basis for picking the right Veterinary clinic for your kitten;
   Get recommendations from friends, coworkers and other cat owners.  Ask them what they like about their Vet.
   Visit each clinic, introduce yourself as a potential client and ask for a tour.
   Look for a clean, sterile hospital with up-to-date equipment.
   Check out the environment.  It should feel warm, friendly and comfortable.
   Ask about emergency care, hours and any equipment or terms you don't understand.
   Ask what the fees are for basic vaccinations and exams.
   You may want to consider looking into an all-cat clinic.

Any serious injury should be treated immediately by a Veterinarian, but keep these first-aid supplies on hand:
First-Aid Supplies
1.  Gauze pads or bandages
2.  Adhesive tape
3.  Tweezers
4.  Scissors
5.  Eye dropper
6.  Hydrogen peroxide
7.  Antibiotic ointment
8.  Iodine or Betadine
9.  Ipecac, hydrogen peroxide, salt or dry mustard (to induce vomiting)


Ragdoll kittens have a normal temperature of 101-102 degrees.

Changing your cats diet can cause intestinal problems, so if you intend to change their diet do it gradually.  (See Feeding and Nutrition)

For diarrhea use only Kaopectate, no other medication unless prescribed by your Vet. (Approximate dose is 1 ml. per pound every two hours as needed).  Cooked rice mixed with their regular food also helps.

Buffered aspirin and Tylenol are not recommended for cats unless prescribed by your Vet.

Use all sprays sparingly around your kitten (Lysol, for example, contains phenol which is toxic to all cats).  Also , use perfumes carefully around them, it's easy to overpower their little lungs.

Unless your kitten was bought with breeding rights he or she needs to be altered.  Each year millions of cats are put to sleep because they new cat population far exceeds the number of homes that can be found for them.  There are several advantages to spaying or neutering your cat;
   Spaying eliminates behavior associated with heat cycles, such as wailing to attract males or spraying urine.
   Spaying helps prevent potential health problems, including breast tumors and uterine disease, possibly adding years to your cat's life
   Spaying helps prevent the occurrence of unwanted litters.
   Neutering reduces the effects of puberty and hormones.  A neutered male is less likely to mark territory by spraying urine and less apt to roam and get lost, and he won't congregate or fight with other toms over a female in heat.
   Neutering also helps prevent the occurrence of unwanted litters.

   All kittens bought from West Coast Rags must be spayed or neutered unless it has be purchased with breeding rights.

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